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Omkar Career Academy, over the past two decades, has transformed the coaching landscape for students and created a significant mark as one of the best All-India Civil Service coaching centers in Pune and Mumbai, Maharashtra, and the entire nation. Omkar Academy is the true epi-center of real-world learning along with providing the perfect support system for transforming your civil service dreams into reality. There is a major difference between regular college exams and the UPSC tests which our institutions and expert faculty members specialize in, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each of our students and truly preparing them for the competitive atmosphere of government exams. This winning mentality is holistically developed in a young mind by providing ample encouragement and engineering the right inquisitive mindset. This along with the meticulously arranged study plan and resources is what separates our organization, as one of the best coaching institutes in the country.

We provide you with all the tools to succeed in a growing and learning space, including the advanced infrastructure, experienced faculty, and the most relevant study materials. This creates the educational environment which allows the UPSC candidates from our institutions to deliver positive results in both the state and national level exams consistently. Omkar Academy has introduced facilities for our students to interact with previous successful candidates and gain their guidance directly in form of customized lessons. 

Along with the mock tests, group discussions, and in-depth note-taking from a streamlined syllabus Omkar Academy makes sure its students have the right mindset to conquer their tests through personality development, leadership quality, and social responsibility classes. We believe in learning in a straightforward, logical, and constructive manner which allows a student to have an optimistic, jovial, and lively attitude toward their education and life in general.

There are various aspects that impact an aspirant’s success outside of the coaching centers like self-study, time management, and clarity of thought. These are the values we look to imprint on our students to help them achieve their UPSC goals and also prepare them for the future. Our faculty makes sure to set you on the right path by providing you with the most important knowledge regarding the evolving examination patterns and latest syllabus changes, to help you focus and set your mind at ease regarding the excessive curriculum. Every topic in the syllabus is taught keeping in mind its connection with the dynamic current events. Minimizing the scope of studies for our civil service aspirants is the primary goal of our professors, which helps them put their best foot forward with their preparations. Omkar academy believes in reciprocating learning allowing the students to feel free in asking a number of questions, responding, and discussing to start thinking for themselves and gaining knowledge through participation in a hands-on fashion. 

The positive response of our students is the most important factor for our success as an institution and that’s why Omkar Career Academy always makes sure to afford the aspirants, willing and ready to learn, a great deal of flexibility when it comes to class timings. We have classes in the morning, evening, and afternoon on weekdays, as well as specific classes for working executives on weekends. Morning, evening, and late evening batches are available at all branches to accommodate all seekers, including students, working executives, and others. Omkar Academy also offers online classes for students from across the nation who can’t possibly travel for their UPSC preparations.

Omkar Career Academy’s goal is to instill the passion, desire, dedication, and determination in our students to ace their competitive UPSC exams to not only create the best government officials and officers but the outstanding citizens of tomorrow.

Omkar Career Academy
Omkar Career Academy

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