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About Omkar Career Academy.

Omkar Career Academy is founded on the faith and inspiration of the students. In the first year itself, all eleven students of Omkar Career Academy were selected for PSI and Omkar Career Academy was officially inaugurated. Omkar Career Academy has now established itself as a promising space for the numerous students preparing for competitive exams in Maharashtra. Our students are achieving brilliant success in competitive exams like MPSC UPSC which seem extremely difficult to others.

Throughout its two-decade history, the Academy has been at the forefront of true learning. It is presently renowned as the state’s most specialized institution of its kind, continuously operating at high levels and holding the uncommon distinction of having the highest success rate.

Since 2007, more than two thousand students of Omkar Career Academy have been appointed as officers and employees in the government service. Even though the success rate in competitive exams may seem insignificant to others, our results prove that with proper guidance and willingness of students to work hard, success in these exams is guaranteed.

Our experienced professors not only have an advantage over other lecturers, but they also have a better understanding of the UPSC and MPSC exams’ pattern than anybody else. They recognize the value of each subject and instill that knowledge in their students. Experienced teachers’ methods and approaches aid students in gaining a competitive advantage over their peers. Almost all the teachers in Omkar Career Academy are themselves officers as well as writers who have a deep understanding and clarity of competitive examinations.

Our Popular Teacher


Omkar Career Academy’s mission is to transform our extensive experience and demonstrated competence into dependable and exceptional instruction in Pune and around India. We work deeply to develop ethical and moral principles in aspirants while achieving the rewards of one’s potential.

The required potential in candidates is divided into two categories: character and administrative ability. This potential is not innate in any candidate; rather, it is developed during time. Candidates are expected to have shown an intelligent interest not only in their academic specialties, but also in current events both within and outside their own state or country, as well as in modern currents of thought and new discoveries that should pique the interest of well-educated young.

The goal is to relieve students from the typical uni-directional teaching, which is many a times boring for students that they have encountered in schools and colleges thus far; where there is a lot of teaching but not measurable or profound learning. This is the chasm that the Academy aims to bridge by fostering actual learning, i.e. learning about how to learn, as the very basic step: with the ultimate goal of helping our pupils bloom like butterflies, carrying the vibrant colors of new ideas and creativity with them everywhere they go. The Omkar Career Academy’s name has become a living legend among students for success in the Civil Services Exam and other government exams, precisely because of this sense of devotion.

Why Choose Us

Every officer was once a beginner just like you, whose preparation was marked by passion, desire, dedication, and determination, as well as, most importantly, the correct guidance and motivation from the staff of Omkar Career Academy.

Individual coaching is provided to guarantee that each student’s uniqueness is recognized and channeled in the most effective manner possible in order to pass these examinations. The exact specifics of the exam format are known to our highly experienced, qualified, and dedicated mentors. We make changes to our training accordingly and ensure better outcomes in the results of the examinations.

Students in our institution benefit from the experience of successful candidates in various competitive examinations With the guidance of successful students, students get a new impetus and enthusiasm. The experience of successful candidates is used to help them succeed in exams

We are the first to establish customized lessons taught by candidates who cleared the exams and joined the civil services in order to provide a live learning experience from top students.

Our programs have been created to enable students to get into the mind of the UPSC examiner and are run by former successful civil officers and IAS Exam toppers. We believe in precise syllabus delivery, as opposed to other institutes that place a premium on a large curriculum and extensive reading. We keep track of preparations through a series of rigorous mock exams and tests as well.

The study materials are concise and easy to understand, and they are available both offline and online. We always keep you informed: Omkar Career Academy’s innovative revision approach keeps you up to date on current events and syllabus on a regular basis.

Since 1999, when we started as Omkar classes, we have witnessed a number of success stories.

Success Stories

Excellence Is Our Tradition

Excellence is our tradition. Omkar Career Academy is a one-of-a-kind institution with a large number of ranks and outstanding results at every level.

More than two thousand students of Omkar Career Academy have been selected as official employees in the government service. More than 1500 of our students are performing their duties as PSIs all over Maharashtra.

It is a matter of great pride for us that most of our students in metropolitan cities like Mumbai are succeeding in competitive examinations while working in the private sector.

More than 1500 personnel working in the police department have fulfilled their dream of becoming PSI under the guidance of Omkar Career Academy.

We have created a place of respect in the minds of students from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Vasai, Virar, Palghar, Raigad, Mumbai, and almost all the districts of Maharashtra.

Our Approach

The Academy’s major strength is approaching subjects from an examination perspective, reinforcing it with immaculate notes, occasional exams, and in-depth study of responses. Omkar Career Academy acts as a bridge between your decision and your destination, with regular tests, group discussions, comprehensive training, personality development classes, Leadership quality sessions, and social responsibility speeches.

We continually reorganize and refocus our knowledge to achieve consistency, excellence, and creativity in our teaching as the competitive examination patterns change regularly. Omkar Career Academy is an institution which provides guidance at all stages like pre-examination, main examination, interview for all competitive examinations.

Appropriate ancillary changes are made in teaching methods, reference materials, practice tests by reviewing the ever-changing syllabus of competitive examinations. Therefore, every one of our students faces the new examination system with confidence. This was made possible because our devoted faculty, who are always aiming for our students’ success, took it on as a challenge, and with Santosh Sir’s support, we are able to achieve bounteous milestones.

According to the most recent exam patterns, the Academy gives results-oriented training. Every topic in the syllabus is taught in such a way that it can be applied to current events. For better results, the overall approach to training emphasizes examination-oriented themes.

We also arrange guest lectures by prominent officers and subject experts . This instills confidence in the students and keeps them motivated.

The goal of the training is to keep the learner morally and mentally engaged with contemporary social challenges rather than just familiarising them with the basics or faculties. This will assist him in better comprehending the public aspect of current events, which is a necessary prerequisite for passing these tests.

We hold weekly tests and practice exams to assist students to study fully, minimize their workload, better comprehend the exam’s requirements, manage their time effectively, and overcome negative emotions – all of which are critical to qualifying.

We believe in relevant learning, thus we concentrate on the most recent syllabus and how it relates to current events. This year’s question paper, together with those from preceding years, provides a solid learning foundation.

We strive for constant improvement and make certain that our services are presented in the best possible light in the media.

We strive to continually exceed students’ expectations. Overall, our goal is to enhance ourselves, our services, and the world around us.


Omkar Career Academy strives to make candidates effective members of a worldwide knowledge community, not just for the competitive exams like civil services examinations. Candidates who have the potential to compete in competitive exams like Civil Services Examination are invited to join the Academy. It groups them into a fraternity with the goal of passing the most ambitious competitive examinations in the country and states like UPSC, MPSC, IPS, and many more.

The purpose of the interview that is carried out in one of the stages of these competitive exams is for a Board of competent and neutral observers to assess the candidate’s personal suitability for a career in public service. The purpose of the test is to assess a candidate’s mental abilities. In broad words, this is a judgment of not only his/her academic abilities, but also his/her social characteristics and interest in current events. Mental alertness, clear and logical exposition, the balance of judgment, variety, and depth of interest, aptitude for social cohesiveness, and leadership skills are some of the attributes that are judged thoroughly while interviewing each candidate.

Although the UPSC and MPSC prospectus provides a useful summary, it falls short of being comprehensive. Aside from the characteristics listed in the prospectus, candidates must be calm and collected, understand the subject matter of options and General Studies in a lively manner. They are expected to write in a direct, logical, and constructive manner, and have an optimistic, cheerful, and lively attitude toward life and other things in general as well.

A Course For Everyone

There is a great deal of flexibility with batches in the morning, evening, and afternoon on weekdays, as well as specific classes for working executives on weekends. Morning, evening, and late evening batches are available at all branches to accommodate all types of seekers, including students, working executives, and others.

The courses are structured in such a way that applicants from various fields, such as engineering, commerce, arts, medicine, and so on, are taught while taking into account their individual capabilities and needs.

General Studies, Sociology, Geography, Public Administration, History, Political Science, Marathi Literature, and Psychology are just a few of the topics in which we provide exceptional training in developing conceptual understanding. Many candidates benefit from the Academy’s assistance in achieving great career success.

We provide the opportunity to pursue engaging lectures, intriguing high-quality classes, and facilities that have a beneficial impact on students as one of India’s leading Academies for training to UPSC, MPSC, and other competitive exams’ aspirants. When it comes to achieving a sense of accomplishment in their future employment, we promote a sense of independence and autonomy in our pupils as well.

What We Offer To Our Students

There is a fundamental difference between competitive exams like MPSC, UPSC, and school, college exams. It is difficult for students to succeed in these exams unless they can grasp the distinct nature of competitive exams. So we are constantly striving to create a competitive exam attitude in the minds of the students. When students are well aware of the competition, they begin to strive in the right direction.

Because Civil Services examinations are the most arduous exams to qualify in the country, an applicant must be similarly focused, dedicated, and have the correct advice to nail it. While the first two attributes can be found inside oneself, the third, “direction,” can only be obtained with the help of knowledgeable and experienced faculty. This is where coaching for public services examinations by Omkar Career Academy will take charge. Our institute does not only provide study materials and sessions to candidates but also assists them to prepare strategically so that they can consistently stay on track. There are various aspects that impact an aspirant’s success, besides the assistance provided by the institute. Self-study, time management, and other aspects are among them. Let us see which attitudes our students learn while learning how to study for civil services :

Self Study :

Self-study always wins out over any type of learning approach; the amount of time a person devotes to something when he or she is not being watched is the most essential factor. Self-study allows an aspirant to become aware of his or her own inadequacies, which can then be addressed in order to develop. Self-study also assists the candidate in effectively managing their time.

While coaching centers can undoubtedly save you time and point you in the right direction when it comes to exam patterns, format, and resources, you should never underestimate the value of self-study. Keep in mind that the center is only there to make your preparation time easier. The time you spend researching and honing your skills, on the other hand, is really important. Allow us to serve as a stepping stone for you to direct your efforts in the appropriate direction.

Reciprocating Learning :

Make your active participation in the learning process a priority. Our learning modules inspire and motivate you to learn by encouraging you to think for yourself and gain knowledge. In the classroom, you will be exposed to participating in creative discussions.

Clarity of thought :

Regardless of the subject matter, conceptual clarity builds the foundations of knowledge. We are convinced that strong ‘fundamentals’ are essential to achieving success. Our interactive learning tools help you comprehend the concepts and rationale behind them, as well as how to relate them to one another in simple terms.

Current Affairs :

Your preparations will be more relevant, meaningful, and objective if they are based on current events. As an officer, it’s critical to have a 360-degree view of what’s going on in the world. This method improves your observation abilities while also making you more proactive and responsive in your planning.

Asking Questions :

The use of a question-based approach efficiently bridges the gaps in knowledge and understanding that have been identified. Question-based learning encourages you to respond, discuss, and participate in hands-on activities. The essential crux of this strategy is to improve your recall, understand trends, and lay the groundwork for new knowledge.