Best MPSC Coaching Classes in Pune and Mumbai-Omkar Career Academy


Best MPSC Coaching Classes in Pune and Mumbai-Omkar Career Academy

Omkar Career Academy has established itself, over the past two decades, as the Best MPSC coaching classes in Pune and Mumbai. We work on providing our students with the most holistic and credible support possible to achieve their academic goals.
Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) along with UPSC are competitive exams that require a lot of hard work and dedication. Omkar Academy provides you with the most compatible study model to reward your efforts, as showcased by more than two thousand of our students serving as government officers and employees since 2007.

Our institution streamlines the path between aspirants and their career checkpoints with the right character development along with premium education, setting our classes apart from any competition. The strong elemental structure of our course work relies on a breakaway from uni-lateral learning programs to more interactive methods, promoting the inquisitive nature innate to the youth. This along with a constantly moderated MPSC timetable, the most up-to-date syllabus (MPSC New Syllabus), and meticulously researched study material, compiled by our excellent faculty, offer effective approaches for learning both simple and complex concepts alike.
Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) Examination is very different from any regular college or university level exams, and for being successful in this test students have to rely on their accuracy while giving answers. They need to be precise and to the point in their MPSC preparation as well as their execution. This is why Omkar Academy emphasizes focusing on the very essential requirements from the vast pool of knowledge available to an aspirant. Our team of experts comprising former examiners, successful civil officers, and MPSC Exam toppers have deeply analyzed the MPSC syllabus of the past years to come up with the correct solution for this exam. We have curated the most important study materials and coaching methodologies to take care of the individual needs of each and every aspirant. This effectively diminishes the workload on the students during the extensive preparation period and provides a major morale boost for the candidates.

The correct information creates a solid foundation for the students and allows them to be creative and vibrant in their preparation process. This along with regular mock tests allows us to judge the student based on their particular skill set and make necessary adjustments along the way. The adjustments along with the constant confidence and hard work are the secret to success as disclosed by many of our past aspirants.
The MPSC strategy requires a holistic approach based on moral and ethical learning along with general studies. This means combining regular tests, group discussions, comprehensive training, personality development classes, Leadership quality sessions, and social responsibility speeches all together in a coaching center with a proper educational environment. Omkar Academy is also among the first institutions to establish customized lessons from successful civil service aspirants so that our students get a live example of what they need to emulate.

With a wide array of subjects available for the aspirants like General Studies, Sociology, Geography, Public Administration, History, Political Science, Marathi Literature, and Psychology just to mention a few, our specialized experts have kept up to date with the latest changes in the MPSC syllabus for both the MPSC Prelims and the MPSC Mains exams. Sometimes the candidates are confused when it comes to choosing their optional subject and Omkar Academy provides the motivation and counseling you need to see through your effort no matter the subject. Another major positive for the students is our uber flexible class timings available both offline and online with batches in the morning, evening, and afternoon on weekdays, as well as specific classes for working executives on weekends. An MPSC career offers high-ranking status and very lucrative payment packages, but along with that it gifts us a chance to make a major impact on our society and this is the ultimate goal of Omkar Career Academy.

Omkar Career Academy
Omkar Career Academy

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